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What is Cylinder Liner?

A cylinder liner is a cylindrical part to be fitted into an engine block to form a cylinder. It is one of the most important functional parts to make up the interior of an engine. This is called Cylinder liner in Japan, but some countries(or companies) call this Cylinder sleeve.

Main Functions of Cylinder Liners!

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  • Formation of sliding surface The cylinder liner, serving as the inner wall of a cylinder, forms a sliding surface for the piston rings while retaining the lubricant within. The most important function of cylinder liners is the excellent characteristic as sliding surface and these four necessary points.

    (1)High anti-galling properties, (2)Less wear on the cylinder liner itself,
    (3)Less wear on the partner piston ring, (4)Less consumption of lubricant
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  • Heat Transfer

    The cylinder liner receives combustion heat through the piston       and piston rings and transmits the heat to the coolant.
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  • Compression Gas Sealing

    The cylinder liner prevents the compressed gas and      combustion gas from escaping outside.
          It is necessary that a cylinder liner which is hard to transform       by high pressure and high temperature in the cylinder.
  • Technical Data
    Material: Material being selected of quality casted closed granuals inspected cast iron holding perfect hardness, machined, tensile strength and wear resistance also it is prepared with help of vanadium, Nickel, Molybdenum and chromium copper.
    "Spark" cylinders prepared for easy in fitment to run smooth engine for lowest fuel consumption, from standard specified graded cast iron composites with

  • Total Carbon : 3 to 3.5%
    Sulphar : 0.12%
    Phosphorous : 0.2% to 0.6%
    Manganese : 0.6 to 1.2%
    SiliconChrome : 1.8 to 2.5%, 03.0 Max